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Brink Bush: Organ Works Of Wilhelm Middelschulte, Vol. I
Konzelmann-Orgel, Saint Anne Church, Rochester NY

Brink Bush plays organ works of the turn-of-the-century Chicago organist, Wilhelm Middelschulte, whose Perpetuum mobile was made famous by his student, Virgil Fox. Middelschulte was organist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and held other prestigious positions as a teaching musician and composer. His works are reminiscent of his contemporary, Max Reger, and as a Romantic contrapuntalist, his works are more related to the style of Thiele, Ziehn, and Bach. Virtuosic organist Brink Bush plays the recent Konzelman pipe organ at St. Anne Roman Catholic Church, Rochester, NY.

[1] Perpetuum mobile [2:16]
[2] Passacaglia [14:26]
[3]–[4] Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge für Orgel [13:33]
[5]–[7] Drei Studien über den Choral „Vater unser im Himmelreich“ [5:51]
[8]–[9] Kanonische Fantasie über BACH und Fuge über 4 Themen von Joh. Seb. Bach [22:40]

Brink's CD can be ordered from, and the Organ Historical Society.